Team 1
Nervous system and steroids

Director : Michael Schumacher

– Synthesis, metabolism and actions of steroid hormones and neurosteroids ;

– Functions of the translocator protein ;

– Hormone-dependent neuroprotective mechanisms after ischemic brain injury ;

– Analysis and profiling of steroids by gas chormatography-tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) ;

– Epigenetic regulation of gene expression in neural and steroidogenic cells ;

– Genetic code expansion by unnatural amino acids;

– Intranasal delivery of small molecule.

– Demyelinating and dysmyelinating diseases of the central nervous system ;

– Developmental myelination and myelin regeneration ;

– Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling in myelination and myelin regeneration ;

– The role of steroid hormones and neurosteroids in myelin formation ;

– Communication between neurons and glial cells ;

– Gene therapy and adeno-associated viral vectors ;

– Aneurismal malformations.

Team 2
Targeted therapies for neuropathies

Director : Liliane Massade

– siRNA therapy for peripheral neuropathies: basic, translational and clinical research ;

– Nanocarriers for siRNA and small neuroprotective molecules ;

– Combination of microsurgery and small molecule therapy (steroids and TSPO ligands) for promoting peripheral nerve regeneration ;

– Labelled “team of excellence” by the LabEX NanoSaclay

– « National reference center for familial amyloid polyneuropathy and other rare neuropathies“

– Partnership with Beijing Tiantan Hospital.

– New genes and mechanisms involved in neurodevelopmental disorders ;

– Whole exome and next generation sequencing. Bioinformatic analysis ;

– Patient recruitment from 3 National Reference Centers ;

– Tau homeostasies, microtubules and neurodegenerative diseases ;

– Study of gene functions and signaling mechanisms in the zebra fish model. CRIPSPR/Cas9 technology ;

– miRNA biology and expression analysis ;

– Partnership with the Institut Baulieu.