Scientific platforms of U1195 and UMS44 at the service of research

The performance of technological platforms depends on the quality of scientific discoveries. Our ITAs and researchers constantly follow technological progress, in order to offer the most advanced equipment and techniques at the service of academic and private research to determine the molecular mechanisms underlying diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, as well as to develop innovative treatments.

Scientific  platforms of U1195

° Analysis of steroids by tandem mass spectrometry coupled with gas chromatography

Specialized in the analysis of neurosteroids, this platform makes it possible to characterize the entire steroidoma, from tissues of the central and peripheral nervous system as well as biological fluids of animal or human origin.

° Microscopic imaging

Our laboratory has unique equipment and expertise for the study of diseases of the nervous system with microscopy methods.

–> Super-resolution microscopy: This platform provides super-resolution microscopy equipment (dSTORM and PALM), making it possible to study various pathologies of axons thanks to the detection and quantification of single molecules with an accuracy of l order of the nanometer, as well as their spatio-temporal tracking in living cells.

–> CLEM microscopy: This platform managed by the CryoCapCell Company (M. Belle, X Heiligenstein) offers methodologies, equipment and expertise to carry out multimodal imaging analyses, with particular emphasis on correlative CLEM microscopy, which combines light and electron microscopy.

–> Electron microscopy

–> Confocal microscopy: Our laboratory has two confocal microscopes.

–> Optical microscopy: Our laboratory has the latest generation optical microscopes for histological analysis.

° Histology and spatial transcriptomics

We perform various histological techniques (histological staining, enzymatic labeling, classic immunohistochemical and fluorescence labeling) on rodent and human tissue and implement spatial transcriptomic techniques.

° Biochemistry and molecular biology

This platform masters the study of molecular biology and biochemistry procedures.

° AAV vectors for gene therapy

This platform offers the engineering of AAV vectors for gene therapy studies targeting glial or neuronal cells. The platform designs the structure of plasmids containing original tissue-specific therapeutic cassettes and validates them in cultured cells (HEK293 or lines of other origin).

Scientific  platforms of UMS44

The UMS 44 / Biomedical Institute of Val de Bièvre (IBVB) ensures research of excellence on the sites of Bicêtre and P. Brousse, by pooling human and financial resources, disseminating information and a dynamic collaboration between the different structures.